12-14 November I will be participating in OpenCon in Washington, DC.

15 September I presented at Australian National University.

From May to October I was generally based at Wan Smolbag Theatre in Vanuatu.

5 March I MCed the Wilderness Society Green Roast Comedy Gala in the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

20 February I performed in the National Maestro Impro Games in the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

1-3 February I helped with training at Research Bazaar at the University of Melbourne.

15 January I hosted a celebration of Wikipedia’s 15th anniversary in Adelaide.


13 December I discussed the summer solstice at the Centre for Everything in Melbourne.

4-6 December I participated in the Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science Conference.

31 October I performed in a Halloween Monster of the Week show at Club Voltaire.

8 September I performed in an Impro Melbourne Monster of the Week show at Club Voltaire

7 July I celebrated mathematics of Alice in Wonderland at Carlton Connect in Melbourne.

4-5 June participated in the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint at the University of Melbourne.

3 June presented at The Laborastory in Melbourne.

21 May presented at ANU in Canberra.

13 May participated in an open knowledge meetup in Canberra.

12 May participated in a climate change and intellectual property conference at ANU in Canberra.

7-8 May helped with Progress 2015 in Melbourne.

12 April performed in an Impro Melbourne show at Club Voltaire that was a Shakespearean take on technology law 🙂

24-25 March helped with Science Meets Parliament in Canberra.

4-10 March guest spots in the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

16-17 February fellow for the Link Festival in Melbourne.

11 February discussed Public Lab at a meetup of Open Knowledge Australia.


December 16 I was at The Gov Lab in New York.

December 15 (and some earlier jam nights) I performed improv comedy at UCB Theatre in New York.

December 5 I was at a United Nations data innovation forum in New York.

October 24-26 I was at the Mozilla Festival in London.

October 17 I co-presented The Privacy Workshop in Melbourne.

October 15 I presented at The Laborastory in Melbourne.

September 29 to October 5th I performed in the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

September 24 I was tweeting from TEDxCERN live in Geneva.

September 20 I was final act in a CERN comedy night in Geneva.

August 7-10 I was at Wikimania in London.

August 1-3 I was part of the CERN webfest in Geneva.

July onwards I was based in the UNITAR-UNOSAT building within CERN in Geneva.

March-June I was based at Melbourne Law School, part of the University of Melbourne.

June 25-27 I participated in the Climate Reality Project Australia leadership training.

June 3  I was presenting at Climate Research Connections at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre.

May 31  I was MC for Science on Top Live at the State Library of Victoria.


From 9/3/13 until end of February 2014 I was based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, most often at the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Secretariat office.

22/8 – 31/8 I was in Cambodia, having meetings in Phnom Penh close to arrival/departure dates and Siem Reap in the middle.

Week of July 15 I was in Bangkok for an Indigenous Voices in Asia project meeting.

Early 2013 in Australia:

22/1 – 25/1 Canberra.

Australian National University. Test Science Impro workshop with ImproACT.

29/1 – 7/2 Melbourne.

Maths of Planet Earth launch at Uni Melb. Hub Melbourne. Improv Conspiracy.

15/2 – 4/3 Adelaide. 

15/2 Fringe Parade

17/2 Theatresports Clash

17/2 In Defense of Hipsters

21/2 The Peer Revue

24/2 Science Impro workshop

25/2 Theatresports Clash

26/2 Inspiring Australia Forum

26/2 Science Impro show

27/2 On The Fly Impro Jam

2/3 In Defense of Hipsters

3/3 In Defense of Hipsters


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