7 July I’m celebrating mathematics of Alice in Wonderland at Carlton Connect in Melbourne.

4-5 June participated in the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint at the University of Melbourne.

3 June presented at The Laborastory in Melbourne.

21 May presented about my PhD at ANU in Canberra.

13 May participated in an open knowledge meetup in Canberra.

12 May participated in a climate change and intellectual property conference at ANU in Canberra.

7-8 May helped with Progress 2015 in Melbourne.

12 April performed in an Impro Melbourne show at Club Voltaire that was a Shakespearean take on technology law :)

24-25 March helped with Science Meets Parliament in Canberra.

4-10 March guest spots in the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

16-17 February fellow for the Link Festival in Melbourne.

11 February discussed Public Lab at a meetup of Open Knowledge Australia.


December 16 I was at The Gov Lab in New York.

December 15 (and some earlier jam nights) I performed improv comedy at UCB Theatre in New York.

December 5 I was at a United Nations data innovation forum in New York.

October 24-26 I was at the Mozilla Festival in London.

October 17 I co-presented The Privacy Workshop in Melbourne.

October 15 I presented at The Laborastory in Melbourne.

September 29 to October 5th I performed in the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

September 24 I was tweeting from TEDxCERN live in Geneva.

September 20 I was final act in a CERN comedy night in Geneva.

August 7-10 I was at Wikimania in London.

August 1-3 I was part of the CERN webfest in Geneva.

July onwards I was based in the UNITAR-UNOSAT building within CERN in Geneva.

March-June I was based at Melbourne Law School, part of the University of Melbourne.

June 25-27 I participated in the Climate Reality Project Australia leadership training.

June 3  I was presenting at Climate Research Connections at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre.

May 31  I was MC for Science on Top Live at the State Library of Victoria.


From 9/3/13 until end of February 2014 I was based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, most often at the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Secretariat office.

22/8 – 31/8 I was in Cambodia, having meetings in Phnom Penh close to arrival/departure dates and Siem Reap in the middle.

Week of July 15 I was in Bangkok for an Indigenous Voices in Asia project meeting.

Early 2013 in Australia:

22/1 – 25/1 Canberra.

Australian National University. Test Science Impro workshop with ImproACT.

29/1 – 7/2 Melbourne.

Maths of Planet Earth launch at Uni Melb. Hub Melbourne. Improv Conspiracy.

15/2 – 4/3 Adelaide. 

15/2 Fringe Parade

17/2 Theatresports Clash

17/2 In Defense of Hipsters

21/2 The Peer Revue

24/2 Science Impro workshop

25/2 Theatresports Clash

26/2 Inspiring Australia Forum

26/2 Science Impro show

27/2 On The Fly Impro Jam

2/3 In Defense of Hipsters

3/3 In Defense of Hipsters

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