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The Cloning Debate

What is cloning? Is it ethical? What impact could it have on society? Recent advances in science have provoked debate about where cloning will take us. This book considers the social and ethical considerations of cloning, including whether cloning humans is acceptable, whether people are willing to eat cloned food and whether we should take advantage of medical therapies associated with cloning.

The information in this book comes from a wide range of sources including government reports and statistics, newspaper features, magazine articles, surveys and literature from lobby groups and charitable organisations.

You can read more about this book on the publisher’s website; you can buy it there, or on Amazon.

Editors: Lisa Firth and Cobi Smith
Publisher: Independence Educational Publishers
ISBN: 978 1 86168 410 3
Published: September 2007

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  • is 5pm too early to go to sleep? #jetlag 11 hours ago
  • back in Geneva - pleasanter city than I recalled. I'm appreciating the architecture & sunshine; grudgingly, as I had been enjoying Melbourne 11 hours ago
  • I'm so glad @privacyint's Carly Nyst is having the final word on meaning & values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights today. #TPW14 3 days ago


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