Cobi at a workshop in Bangkok, July 2013. Photo credit: Dipta Chakma

Cobi at a workshop in Bangkok, July 2013.
Photo credit: Dipta Chakma

This is the online portfolio of me – Cobi Smith. I’m pictured on the right, in work mode. There are also photos of me looking less serious.

I’m currently a Visiting Scholar at Melbourne Law School.

Until March 2014 I was an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development with the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), based in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  I was based within AIPP’s research and communication development team supporting their environment, gender, human rights and capacity building programs.

I’m completing a PhD with the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. Until returning to Australia in 2014, I was doing my PhD part-time while working. I started it originally as an MPhil when I returned to Australia from Cambridge.

Sometimes I’m also a comedian or producer, information about which is at Time to Krill.

I’ve lived on five continents, specifically in the countries Australia, Canada, Chile, England, Italy and Thailand. Officially I’m an Australian citizen, but philosophically I consider myself a citizen of the world.

Once upon a time I was a broadcast journalist, then writer, editor, producer, researcher… now I embrace being all of those things to varying degrees on different projects. Most of my work is in science, technology, environment, health and development. Concise Science (one of the domains you might reach this site through) was the name of my UK business when I was based there, and is the name through which I do freelance/consulting work in Australia.

If you want to share an project you’d like me to get involved with, please email me with some details about you, the project and your budget at:

cobi @ concisescience . com (remove the spaces – they supposedly reduce spam).

If you want to ask me about my research, then email me at:

cobi . smith @ anu . edu . au

alternatively, you can write a comment on the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you. It won’t appear on the site.

Transparency is important to me; I’m becoming something of an open activist. In the interests of transparency, here are lists of organizations and causes I’ve been involved with. They’re roughly divided into whether money or in-kind support have flowed from them to me, or from me to them. But there’s (inevitably?) some overlap. If you’re involved with an organisation that I’ve overlooked, do send me an email to remind me and I can add it to the list.

My work has been supported by these organisations:

I have supported or been involved with the following organisations:

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