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I’m now working as a freelance consultant while working on my PhD – recent projects include:

I’ll be performing regularly in the 2013 Adelaide Fringe – information about some of those shows will appear here later.

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Twitter Updates

  • I'm in Sydney for @scopeglobal debrief, to help me get over return to Oz reverse culture shock, but I think Abbott resigning would help more 5 hours ago
  • I hear you. That pretty much is a dealbreaker. "@TripleB: Sam hates Leslie Knope and so I'm going to have to divorce him. No choice really." 6 hours ago
  • it's one of many foods we've improved down under ;) "@sciencebase: fish & chips...when you said Sydney, you meant Southend, didn't you? ;-)" 6 hours ago


dusk beach volleyball

dusk beach volleyball

rooftop near Lygon

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