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Back in Australia

This is a quick note to report that I’ve moved back to Austalia to work for the Royal Institution of Australia, as Science in society facilitator, with funding from the Australian Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. My role is about implementing the Inspiring Austalia strategy at the state level, working with the South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology.

I’m still researching participatory science and policy processes for my PhD at ANU, details of which are here:

For the moment the best way to keep track of what I’m working on is probably via Twitter.

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Twitter Updates

  • finally I shall stop tweeting for this evening ending on a happy note: ♩imagine that on scale & frequency of your pleasure or lovingkindness 12 hours ago
  • I have files on my desktop called "catdoubt" "seriousface" & "feelpinionsasrisk". They are diverse file types but too small sample to reveal 12 hours ago
  • today's tutorial included punk/Thatcher references & my discovery that no students had heard of Soylent Green. So I showed them the trailer. 12 hours ago


one does not simply #borderfarce Melbourne CBD. Live love live from Melbourne.

small people, big people, hooded people, exposed people, Melbourne people

#borderfarce love from Hosier Lane

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