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Taking musings somewhere they belong

This journalist-turned-researcher thing means I’m increasingly using my portfolio as a place to share opinions. That’s not what I set it up for, so now I’ve got a blog on the Nature Network, where I’ll be discussing science, society and policy issues, so this can remain the portfolio it’s meant to be.

I’ll continue to post news and research articles that I write here following their publication, with links. Plus summaries of my books, when they eventuate.


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Twitter Updates

  • I am going off the internet to bask in the late afternoon sunshine. </tweet> <bask> 9 hours ago
  • RT @Kon__K: "Let's burn & bury our current constitution & come together & create a new one led by First Peoples" Rosalie Kunoth-Monks #SOS9 hours ago
  • RT @SwedishCanary: Keep scrolling I got nothing. 9 hours ago


feeling grateful for my experience of a room if one's own in Sydney

creatures that once were

rainbow coffee in my unofficial office @i25espresso

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