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Sustainability and Environment

In many ways, ‘sustainability’ is the buzz word for a new millennium. As finite resources run low, levels of production and consumption increase. And while trends show that we are making the effort to live greener lives, the problem of pollution has not gone away, with the UK dumping more household waste into landfill than any other EU country. This books defines sustainability, outlines sustainability challenges and explores some possible solutions.

The information in this book comes from a wide range of sources and includes government reports and statistics, newspaper reports, features, magazine articles and surveys, literature from lobby groups and charitable organisations.

You can read more about this book on the publisher’s website; you can buy it there, or on Amazon.

Editor: Cobi Smith and Lisa Firth
Publisher: Independence Educational Publishers
ISBN: 978 1 86168 419 6
Published: January 2008

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Twitter Updates

  • sunshine and calm ocean for the first day of spring melts my frustrations. New leaves on my indoor geranium are echoed in green parks. Peace 7 hours ago
  • finally I shall stop tweeting for this evening ending on a happy note: ♩imagine that on scale & frequency of your pleasure or lovingkindness 22 hours ago
  • I have files on my desktop called "catdoubt" "seriousface" & "feelpinionsasrisk". They are diverse file types but too small sample to reveal 22 hours ago


one does not simply #borderfarce Melbourne CBD. Live love live from Melbourne.

small people, big people, hooded people, exposed people, Melbourne people

#borderfarce love from Hosier Lane

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