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Innovative engineering

Entrepreneurial women in engineering in the East of England give business and careers advice.

This is part of a podcast series. You can listen to this episode or read the transcript.

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Twitter Updates

  • sunshine and calm ocean for the first day of spring melts my frustrations. New leaves on my indoor geranium are echoed in green parks. Peace 13 hours ago
  • finally I shall stop tweeting for this evening ending on a happy note: ♩imagine that on scale & frequency of your pleasure or lovingkindness 1 day ago
  • I have files on my desktop called "catdoubt" "seriousface" & "feelpinionsasrisk". They are diverse file types but too small sample to reveal 1 day ago


one does not simply #borderfarce Melbourne CBD. Live love live from Melbourne.

small people, big people, hooded people, exposed people, Melbourne people

#borderfarce love from Hosier Lane

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